Ramsey Welding Inc. has been providing quality service to the construction industry since 2003. We not only have certified welders at Ramsey Welding Inc. but we perform many other services for the Pipeline Industry. We have built and installed station piping, reconditioned mainlines, poured footings, and set several new buildings; along with right-of-way mowing and canopy side trimming that has gradually grown as one of our additional provided services. Ramsey Welding Inc. has drain up capabilities with DOT Vac Trucks. We have recently added a Hydro Excavation truck and an Air Excavation truck to our fleet, as additional soft dig services that we provide.

            Ramsey Welding Inc. is staffed with competent operators for quality and first rate excavation work second to none in the industry. Ramey Welding Inc. employees are Hazwoper and NCCER operator qualified (OQ) trained, tested and certified. Each employee also has completed the 10 hour OSHA- Construction Industry Certification. Our employees are dedicated to provide extraordinary customer service. They are also focused with a “Behavior Based Safety Program”… Through safe attitudes at work and by eliminating workplace injuries and illnesses where possible Ramsey Welding Inc. allows our employees to participate in team interaction during safety meetings and tailgate training. FOCUS on our safety motto of “TAKE TWO” seconds and ask “What will happen if I do proceed with this action.” Through our BBS program we use Job Site Safety Analysis (JSA), Loss Prevention Observation (LPO), STOP ALL WORK if necessary method. Job site/behavior observation checklist to keep our employees working safely every hour of everyday with this process in place we strive to send each individual home safely each and every day! At Ramsey Welding, BEHAVIOR BASED SAFETY is A MUST HAVE ATTITUDE for our employees!

            In summary Ramsey Welding Inc. can provide quality focused employees for the client required tasks. Our well- maintained equipment allows Ramsey Welding Inc. to efficiently and accurately service our customer’s needs. We have built a proven “track record” and have a genuine credibility with our existing clients. We extend an invitation to any potential customers and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to talk with you about your future construction projects being completed by Ramsey Welding Inc.

Thank you, Russell Ramsey